Thursday, February 08, 2007

work is keeping me offline

I haven't posted much lately because a bunch of things are conspiring to keep me from my blog (not that I have any delusions of being a regular blogger). Firstly, my home computer suddenly doesn't like Google. I can no longer log in to google chat, which really sucks. It can no longer find Although if I enter google's numeric address, I can get on the site. Google mail, and the rest? Iffy at best, and only if I'm willing to fight with it (which I'm usually not).

Added to that, work has had me away from my desk for almost a week. Which means that all of my 'normal' work surfing had to be put on hold. This has put a serious damper on my online time. I'm extremely fortunate that my job allows me to pretty much surf at will. The down side is that I'm the one everyone comes to to find something online. One day soon, I'll have to do a post about some of my online searchs.

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