Saturday, August 18, 2007

I know how to do that!

Chris over at notes from the trenches has a this post up about a new oven. And a couple of her commenters asked how she did it. Was it a slow poisioning, or a quick blow to the top. I know how to kill a stove/oven!!!
This is EXACTLY how my mother got a brand new stove.
1. either wait for the light in the oven to go out, or sabotage it so that it doesn't work.
2. get my father to attempt replacement of the lightbulb in the oven. In the process, he will use (among other tools) a screwdriver. And will remove a large quantity of insulation.

when he's done, you will have no choice but to go shopping for a new stove.

and yes, I'm willing to rent him out if anyone so desires.

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