Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm a bitch.

Why this time you ask?
Let me give you some back story. One of the girls at work.... Ding, we'll call her, is HORRIBLE at managing her money. In fact, she doesn't manage it at all. More than once, I've been a complete dumbass and bailed her out of some financial problems. But recently was the straw that broke the camel's back.
She got into some serious, really serious trouble. And came to me for help. I agreed to help ( I know what you're thinking Jib, but you'd've done the same). This time, however, I've smartened up a little. I agreed to help her under the condition that she start managing her money.
The look in her eyes.... I actually felt bad for her. She was scared, really scared, and she should've been. She told me she doesn't know how to manage her money.... and that's not news. So, I've agreed to help her manage her money.
I've set up a basic budget, and I'm insisting she stick to it. Despite the fact that she went away on vacation for a long weekend this past weekend. And despite the fact that she'll be away the rest of the week on vacation.
I've had to say no, you can't buy this... no, you cna't have more money... no, you can't spend money on a check you haven't received, hell, it hasn't even been written, so absolutely NO you cannot spend that money.
Basically, I've had to become her mommy. And for now, I'm ok with it.
But if anyone has suggestions for teaching a grown woman how to manage money, I'll gladly take them. And when I say she has no money management skills, I mean if she gets ten dollars, she wants to spend fifty, and thinks that money will just magically appear when she needs to pay her bills.
So yes, I'm a bitch. I say no, when it's better for the person, even if it'd be easier for me to say yes.

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jibiibear said...

No Bec...on this one I would have covered my ass and ratted on her. I know you feel you are doing the right thing, and you have to go with that.

You might want to make sure she doesn't start hocking stuff to earn some extra cash.