Friday, June 20, 2008

Look who's come for lunch!

It always amazes me the people that show up where I work. Part of dealing with the public, I'm sure.

We deal with all sorts..... from people who are working poor, but the sweetest, nicest possible customers. To the ultra-ultra rich who expect to be catered to completely, expect us to be grateful for the opportunity to cater to them, and expect us to do it for free. Today.... we had a different sort in the office. I can't really call him a customer as he wasn't buying anything.
Here's a hint......

no, we didn't have the cast of CSI come by, although, it wouldn't necessarily surprise me if they did.

We had a member of the major case squad stop by and see if we could help him. We spent quite a bit of time with him... I'm not sure we really helped him, but it's nice to think we did.

So that's our excitement for the day...

p.s. I didn't write much about him, or what he's looking for because it's (obviously) an open and active case. And while I doubt seriously that the criminals are reading this blog, they might be googling key words about the crime, and I'm not gonna help them. If I hear it's been solved, I might come back and add more info.

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