Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pass the buck

I love how, where I work.... no one does anything, especially if something's gone wrong.

Let me give you and example.... Spam on the company email.
Up until about three weeks ago, we got little to no spam on the company email. Our email address is on an old server, and we have one of the older addresses around. Consequently, that particular server is not a target for spam. Unless of course you sign up for it.

One of the women I work with, I'll call her J. signed up for some spam. Of course, when I asked her about it, she denied it completely. "I didn't sign up for anything!" is the response I get.

Funny how about 40% of the spam we're getting is addressed to her specifically. Some of it even lists her full, hyphenated last name. Another 20% of the spam is addressed to another woman in the office S. (I'm positive you'll hear tons more about her). She at least acknowledged that she did some survey.

Now why do I care about any of this? because for one thing, being an old address, our inbox on the server is ridiculously small (10 megs), and for another thing, one guess who's responsible for maintaining the email inbox on the server?

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jibiibear said...

Use the new screensaver on them Miss Nut!!!