Sunday, November 19, 2006

Popcorn Tasting

We had a popcorn tasting at my house last night.
I found this place via one of my new favorite blogs, Mir, in her generosity, posted about a $20 off coupon they had. So I went ahead and ordered the six pack sampler. I have to say, Mir was dead on when she said it was yummy stuff.

The pack I ordered had Cinnamon Creme Drizzle Corn, Toffee Crunch Drizzle Corn, Chocolate Chunk n' Caramel, Sweet Georgia Pecan, Southwest Cheddar Chipotle, and Sweet and Spicy BBQ.

We started with the Southwest Cheddar Chipotle. Now, for those that don't know, chipotle is a smoke dried jalapeno pepper. So they had a little heat. But it was mostly as an aftertaste. What surprised me about this one was that it was sweet. I didn't expect a cheddar chipotle to be sweet. This bag got put in the "take to work and let the vultures have" pile.

Next up was the Sweet and Spicy BBQ. I'm not a huge fan of BBQ flavor, unless it's real BBQ, so this one also went into the "take to work and let the vultrues have" pile. Although I will say, that if you like that kind of thing, this was very good. Tons of flavor on the popcorn. In fact, that was true of all six flavors. No skimping on the flavoring with this company.

Sweet Georgia Pecan was next. I liked it enough that it went into the "keep here and we'll eat" pile. What I found weird about this was it had an almost coffee flavor to it. Not that I'm complaining, I LOVE coffee.

Chocolate Chunk n' Caramel was next. CHOCOLATE and CARAMEL!!! need I say more?

Toffee Crunch Drizzle Corn was next, and true to it's name, it has toffeee and chocolate drizzled on the popcorn. It was actually one of my favorites. Just enough toffee and chocolate to flavor the popcorn, but not so much that I couldn't taste the popcorn too. To be honest, most of the other flavors, the popcorn is just the transportation of the flavor. You can't really taste the popcorn in any of the others. At least I couldn't.

Cinnamon Creme Drizzle Corn was last. It's sort of mis-named, as it's not really a drizzle corn. The popcorn is pretty much coated (not that I'm complaining). I loved this one, but then again, I love cinnamon, so it was pretty much a sure hit as long as they got the cinnamon to taste like cinnamon. Nothing bugs me quite so much as something being advertised as cinnamon flavored, and then when you get it, it tastes.... not like cinnamon. But that's another post.

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