Thursday, January 04, 2007

New addition

There's a new addition over there on the side. I called it "new acquisitions". It's where, when I get around to it, I'll post new things that I've acquired. Now, seeing as how I'm a "professional shopper" to most of the people I work with, there's just no way for me to keep that up to date. But I will try and post some of the neater things I acquire. The first is a new candle. The scent I got was lemon sage. It's a nice, fresh smell without being overly citrusy. But what's really cool about this candle is the wick. Instead of the more common cotton wick, this has a slice of what looks to be balsa wood running down the middle of the candle.

Now, I haven't burnt it yet, but supposedly it will crackle like a camp fire. If it does, and still manages to burn fairly cleanly, I'm thinking this might be a new craft project for me.

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