Friday, January 05, 2007

Where in the world is Costa Rica?

To continue a theme of the earlier "How did these people graduate" post, I thought I would share a story about someone else at work.

J went on a trip. An all expenses paid trip to Costa Rica. All she saw of the country was the resort that she was booked into (but that's a different rant). When she returned, everyone was asking her questions about her trip and what the country was like. One of the guys asked about where Costa Rica is. J's response? It's near Singapore!!! Singapore!

Let's do a quick geography lesson.

This is where Costa Rica is. It's in Central America. It is possible to drive from the United States to Costa Rica. It'd be a long car ride, but you could do it.

This is where Singapore is. It's over in ASIA! You know, near China, Vietnam, Thailand... all those places.

and in between Costa Rica and Singapore??

That's right... the Pacific Ocean.

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