Monday, March 17, 2008

Now I've really got a dilemma.

Not really, but I am working on a balancing act.
As I've said before, I've been inspired by Chris to clear out some of the clutter and scale back on some of my shopping.

But then I stumbled upon this site . And while some of the people there aren't exactly the type I would chose to hang out with. There's some really good information on how to save money.

Here comes the balancing act... one of the girls I work with is pregnant, with her third child. My thoughts on this not withstanding, I need to give her some sort of gift for the baby. But quite frankly, I'm really not feeling the love or the desire to spend the money on this. So, I thought I'd play this CVS game and see if I couldn't get some free or really cheap diapers, wipes etc. So now, I'm balancing doing deals that make me money and not wanting more clutter. So far, I've been reasonably successful. I've stocked up on razors, because while, technically they could be considered clutter, they will eventually be used. I've also stocked up on soap, which, again, I didn't need right away, but will be used. I've also given away about six bars of soap, some toothpaste, toothbrushes, and cheese (lots and lots of cheese). I've stocked, and restocked work with candy. And this week I plan on stocking work up with air fresheners. Oh... and I managed to get myself some of those flameless candles and got paid to take them out of the store.

It should prove to be an interesting experiment, balancing my desire for a cleaner, less cluttered life with my packrattedness.

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