Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree

This will be a multi-part post. Saturday, I began the process of putting up the Christmas tree. I put the tree up, gave it a drink, and waited for the branches to start dropping.
Of course, it wouldn't stay up, and after about three tries, I finally balanced it for the night.
Then, in the morning, we decided that it really didn't look good out in the middle of the room, and really should be in it's traditionall place in the corner.
So, more furniture musical chairs, and dragging the tree, did I mention how big it is? No?
Then allow me to back up a little. I have a really great deal with my sister. She and her husband go up to Vermont, just after Thanksgiving, and they pick up fresh-cut Christmas trees for whoever wants them. She drops two at my house, one for us, and one for our sister. The order for Christmas trees is always the same, my sister wants short and fat, I want one that's skinny and roughly my height (I'm about five nine). So what kind of tree does my brother in law get me? This sucker was about eleven feet tall!! How do I know this? Because I cut a good foot off the bottom, and it just about reaches to my ten foot tall ceilings. I can only imagine how tall my brother in law must think I am.
Anyway, back to the moving of the tree. With some creative wrestling, I managed to get it into its proper place in the corner. Watered it well, and then went to get the lights. I've always been lucky when it comes to Christmas lights, I never seem to have the problems with tangles that everyone else has. The only problem I had this year, was I had to break out a new strand, as my usual lights just weren't enough for this extra large tree.
More on this saga another day.

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