Sunday, December 10, 2006

A shout out to the parents out there

This post is addressed specifically to those of you who have older children (teenagers to be precise). Although I personally think every parent should read this.

**Note** this is my disclaimer, I am not a parent. I have no illusions about being able to write from the parental perspective. But I was a kid. And I spent ten years as a nanny raising three girls.

If your teen age kids are making plans to move across the country, and are not including you in the discussions, planning or haven't invited you, DO NOT FOLLOW THEM!!! They are most likely trying to GET AWAY from you. And if you think they're making a mistake? Guess what? That's their right. It's their life. You made mistakes... tons of them I'm sure. Now it's their turn. All you can do is advise them, and hope you raised them right. And if you didn't.... following them and babying them now will not help them, in fact it will only make things worse.

Do NOT make your children your lives, and please, please do not lay guilt trips on them by saying things like "I'll die if they leave"... "I'll have to follow out there or I'll just die". Again you're not going to be helping yourself, or your kids. All you're gonna do is damage your relationship with them.

**Ok, that's the end of this particular rant. It is NOT directed at anyone who normally reads here. But if it struck a chord with you, maybe you should think about it.

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